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We're the good guys, Michael.

About the username: motorcyclesfly is obviously a reference to the HP character Sirius Black's prized possession, a flying motorcycle. Sirius being one of my top three favourite characters from the series, I thought it was appropriate. It also sounds kind of hopeful though, doesn't it? I thought so, anyway.


n. ecstasy.
"Got some Ben?" "Yeah, I'm your man for Ben, boy."

Taken from the randomly generated Infinite Teen Slang Dictionary.
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And just so you know I am certifiably insane...

Vids which always make me happy...

Become an Other. Rewatch Lost with epic_rewatch.

If you don't know already, you'll soon find out I'm obsessed with Lost and particularly in love with 'the Others'. I drone on about Ben and the rest a lot. :)

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Oh dear...

(everything here property of their respective owners. all I've made are the colourbars, and the pics in them aren't mine either.)
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