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Fic: Moriarty, one shot

title: Moriarty
rating: R
pairing: Per request, this one is Ben/young!Ben. There is also some mention of Ben fantasizing about other individuals.
summary: Ben finally meets a man who understands him.
prompt: from the lostkinkmeme  - Ben/young!Ben. Ben wants to spare himself the pain of living in the closet
word count: 4,797
setting: a few days in 1979.
author's notes: I wanted to do justice to this prompt by presenting it as at least slightly realistic, and I hope I accomplished that. There's a lot more than just the Ben/young!Ben relationship, but I felt like it went pretty well. This has not been beta read, all mistakes are mine.
warnings: Sexual content, specifically between an adult and a minor (age fifteen).

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tom and juliet awwwww

The Best You Could

title: The Best You Could
rating: PG
summary: Juliet copes with the loss of a patient.
inspiration: 10_themes prompt,table 4, #9 "gritty"
notes: Aside from Sabine, I didn't know any names of pregnant women who died on the island, so Cynthia is an OC, as is her husband, Paul.

She leaves the operating room with her scrubs still on, nudging the door open with her elbow because her hands in their latex gloves gleam with Cynthia's blood. The medical station seems too narrow and, underground, claustrophobia strikes in a way she's never felt before. Only when she finally bursts through the gloom out into the shockingly bright island sunlight does Juliet finally breathe, and with the oxygen comes the familiar flood of tears.

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the island

Stay, PG, Ben/Richard

This is the first thing I've written in ages. Perhaps it is a disjointed, confusing mess and should have been deleted. I can't promise quality, unfortunately, nor even quantity really as it's less than two thousand words, but hey, it's got Richard and Ben in it. :)

title: Stay
rating: PG, quite tame but there's some mental anguish
pairing: Richard/Ben, but you can probably read it as Richard/Ben friendship if you like.
summary: A recovering Richard encourages Ben to have a little faith...and to stay the night.
setting: The night after the events of "Dr Linus".
words: 1,922

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the island

Oh, and they say romance is dead...

as seen on my student e-mail...

This got sent to me, under the header "Freeze him out with magic", accompanied by the text "Why not give him a surprise this Valentine's Day?" and this text:

"MANILA - Police have ended a grisly search for corpses and mass graves from an election-linked massacre in the southern Philippines, with the known death toll standing at 57, officials said Saturday. Searches for the bird, not the country, experience a massive jump around Thanksgiving and a smaller one around Christmas. By Mark Milian Sorry, Istanbul, we're looking for the bird. A dozen astronauts in orbit will pause for a weightless Thanksgiving Thursday, despite the fact that they're flying on two different spaceships. Brazil's president said that "gringos" should pay Amazon nations to prevent deforestation."

Apparently, nothing is more erotic than erectile dysfunction capsules and grisly rising death tolls. I think I know who is flying in a different spaceship....
the island

Eternity; one-shot (R)

title: Eternity
rating: R (for sexuality)
pairings: Eloise/Richard, mention of eventual Eloise/Charles
characters: Eloise Hawking, Richard Alpert, Charles Widmore, mention of Jacob and random Others
setting: the Island, 1960. Eloise is 23, and Richard is, well, Richard.
summary: Things fall apart on the untouched island, and not even immortals can have everything they want.
warnings: None really, except that there is moderate sexuality. It's not too graphic. Not beta'ed.
author's note: My main Alpert pairing is Richard/Alex of course, but this idea got into my head last night and I coudn't go to sleep until I'd written it. It was also an experiment in writing a needy!Richard, and Eloise is the only woman who could manage it. Apologies for sap, and midnight writing.
words: 5,000

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